Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Get out of Denver

Which is what I did today. I wish I'd left a day earlier before it got so effing cold.

I'm really not used to the cold any more after our non-winter in Amsterdam.  A crazy drop in temperature - from 15 C to -5 C in a few hours - was supposedly the fault of an arctic vortex. Wasn't that a 70's rock band?

I had a great time in Denver - who wouldn't if they spent much of it in a pub (Hogshead Brewery) with not just six or seven cask beers, but good ones in great condition?

Well, maybe not some craft keg dogmatists. But they're just twats.

At Hogshead - where I was doing a beer launch/book tarting event - cask proved its best characteristic again. Drinkability. Several times I was amazed at how empty my glass was. It just threw itself down my throat.

I had the same at Maritime Pacific Brewing in Seattle.  I suspected my glass must have a hole in it, the Double IPA disappeared so quickly.

I'm off to Deschutes Portland tap in a half hour or so. Life is good.


kaiserhog said...

Life is good, indeed. Just had my first Deschuttes Black Butte on draft/keg. It was fantastic. It is currently my favorite bottled beer. I bet it would be even better on cask.

Unknown said...

Just now saw this. What did you go for?

Mark Oliver said...

Having brewed numerous versions home-scaled batches of your beers since you began posting the recipes a few years back, I am definitely planning on swinging by HOTD this afternoon.

I've made 35 batches of the 1914 BP X over the years, not to mention 1877 XXX, plenty of porters, etc.

naturally, I have none on hand now, so it will have to be Alan's beers.

Mark said...

There were some lovely beers at the Hair of the Dog event. Who made which? The servers did not seem to know. Whoever brewed the Barclay Perkins monster mild is quite skilled. Also liked both porters, and the Scotch ale. Would not have been able to walk out had I tried any more -- more is the pity.