Monday, 20 September 2010

Tables with columns trunc

I'm very lucky. When Dolores sorted out a new PC for me, she got me a widescreen monitor. It's dead handy. Especially for my super-wide tables.

So apologies for publishing tables with columns you can't see. Unfortunately, some tables are just so packed with juicy numbers, that they don't fit on a normal screen.

I used to publish the tables as jpeg images. But I've swapped over to html tables instead. For a couple of reasons. For one thing, it makes the contents searchable. More importantly, it makes life easy for me when I'm putting my books together.

I've found a solution. An ugly, makeshift one, but one that works. I'll just have the tables in both formats. Click on the small image and you'll be able to see the table in all its full, mouth-watering detail.

I've already changed the last two large-tabled posts. The ones about Whitbread Porter and Stout. Take a look. Or failing that, the images below.


Jeff Renner said...

I like this. Thanks.

StuartP said...

Nice tables.
Are they from your new book?
Or am I gonna have to cut them out and stick them in the back?

Anonymous said...

What I do is to highlight the table, copy (control+c) and then drop it into excel (control+V). You can then see all the table columns, play with the format if you want to and print or save. I imagine most people are rather more computer savy than me, but there might be some little old lady who is also a beer historian, but not very good with these new fangled computer things.

Flagon of Ale said...

This is great! I was going to mention that I couldn't see all the columns unless I cut and pasted, which ruins the formatting, but it seemed like a silly thing to complain about.


OQRM said...

I want to create tables for an epub file. Jpg is needed. How did you manage to create tables in jpg format?

Ron Pattinson said...

OQRM, I create the table in Excel, do a print screen, save the screen in paint and then trim to size.