Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Borefts Beer Festival

I missed the first Borefts Beer Festival. I was out of Holland at the time. No such hindrance this year.

Years ago I abandonned trying to take detailed notes at beer festivals. Spending the whole of my time scribbling seriously sucks the fun out of the experience. At least for me. I did take a few notes. Do you want to see them? Sure you do.

Marble Imperial Stout
Närke Stormakts Porter
Mikkeller Black (Islay) - ridiculously boozy and Stouty. Right down my street.

That's the lot. Basically just a list of the first four beers I tried. I was having too much fun to write any more. Particularly with the Mikkeler Black. I had four or five of those. Usually such small glasses would seriously piss me off, but on this occasion I was quite pleased not to be drinking pints. I wouldn't have made back to the station if I had.

I won't bore you by listing all the beers available. Even if I could remember what they were. After a while I pretty much stuck with different versions of Mikkeller Black. All at a nice session-strength of 17.5% ABV. I just couldn't get me enough of that whisky goodness.

The rain. I almost forgot that. It absolutely threw it down a couple of times. A bit annoying, but nothing more.

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Anonymous said...

The Mikkeller's lovely, but I marvel at your perseverance. I tend to fade after a couple...