Wednesday, 22 September 2010

pticheval (gris)

My pticheval was grey. And marroon, too. And it did get me to Paris. Where I now sit, sad hotel desk before me.

A bottle of Andechs Doppelbock smiles at me from the left of my keyboard. "Stop being such a tart, Andechs." She doesn't answer. Unsurprisingly. Few bottles of beer possess lips, much less the power of speech.

We'll be becoming much more intinately involved shortly. If I can get her to pop her top. These German birds.

C'est l'heure de dire bonsoir. Priez pour moi. Demain, il me faut faire quelquechose difficile. En utilisant mon pauvre Francais. Je suis perdu.


Gary Gillman said...

Well, something that should be a tad easier would be to find L'Academie de la Biere (mes excuses for not using diacritical symbols)on boul. Port Royal, there since the 1950's and the best beer bar in Paris selon moi. I wouldn't drink German stuff in Paris, if indeed that is where you are, fine artisan (and other) beer awaits chez l'Academie.


Laurent Mousson said...

Académie de la Bière is indeed one of the few decent beery watering holes in the Ville Lumière... but in absolute terms, it sbeer choice lags far behind what can be found in bars in other major European cities (think Italy, for exemple). The staff at L'Académie know the beers well enough, but they tend to believe that customers don't know anything as a matter of principle, so be prepared to stand your ground. ;o)

Craig said...

Whilst you imbibe à Paris. Rest assured that I have employed the help of renowned food historian Peter Rose in my search for any and all information on New World, Dutch Brewing in the 16th Century (Whew! That was a mouthful) She has told me she will ask about any sources at the Rensselaerswijck (another mouthful) Seminar on Saturday!

Gary Gillman said...

Laurent, je suis pleinement d'accord, but at the same time, all is relative. I like l'Academie for its selection of French bieres de garde, (but also its classic beer pub ambiance). The French selection could be larger especially from Nord-Pas-de-Calais but still there is a decent bottled range and sometimes some good drafts from La Region. There is a Belgian inclination on the draft side, but somme toute, it's a great beer bar in Paris.

I will be there in late December and can't wait.


Ron Pattinson said...

Gary, I ended up here:

A La Pinte du Nord
38 Rue de St. Quentin

Gary Gillman said...

I'll take note Ron, always looking for a new one and the name - even of the street - sounds promising.