Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Those who shall not be named

Talking of dividing breweries reminded me of a very special group of breweries: those I won't name.

"Why?" you might reasonably ask. But who said I was reasonable? I have my reasons.

Mostly it's to avoid pointless, distracting arguments. Drinkers form emotional relationships with breweries. Nothing wrong with that. I'm just as guilty myself. But it doesn't make for reasoned debate if I continually slag off another's favourite. And, realistically, what do you care if I think some idolised breweries are rubbish?

I like to entertain and inform. I've nimbly sidestepped both in this post. Blame the first Abt of the day.


Bailey said...

I think I know one of the breweries you're talking about.

We don't *not* mention them as a point of policy -- we like some of their beers -- but nor do we bother posting on everything they do or every beer they release. We like to share the love.

The only brewery with which I have an emotional relationship is Butcombe. I know, objectively, that Butcombe Bitter isn't the world's greatest beer, but it's a taste of home for me.

First Stater said...

Victory, they are dead to me.

Matt said...

Living on the Stockport/South Manchester border, Holts, Hydes and Robinsons are the breweries whose products "taste of home for me" to quote Bailey. I like to think it's their quality as well as long familiarity with them that makes me rank them amongst my favourite bitters.