Friday, 1 January 2010

Looking forward

Now that pesky Old Year is out of the way, on with the New.

My Mini Book Series is now complete. 2010 will see my exciting new project: the Mega Book Series. More details will follow, once I've thought them up. Andrew suggested the name. And waht better place to start than with a name?

More trips, more archive visits. (If I'm allowed.) I need to see more records from breweries outside London. This would mean a good excuse for a trip to Dublin. Except Guinness have already told me I can't look at their brewing logs. Bastards. The Brewing Museum in Burton is on my list. As long as I can get into the archives. As soon as the Scottish Brewing Archive is open again, I'll be back to Glasgow.

Should be a busy year.


Rod said...

Good man - top NY resolution. And what exactly is Guinness hiding? You're not the only bona fide researcher who has been denied access to their archive.

Jim Johanssen said...

Ron - They have tuns and drums of deep dark secrets that they do not see the lite!

Happy New Years!!

Matt said...

They're clearly terrified that after a few hours photographing their brewing logs you'll explode the unmalted, roasted barley myth.

Barm said...

They obviously believe they have nothing whatsoever to gain from allowing access to their brewing records, and I don't think they're mistaken.