Monday, 9 November 2009

Whitbread beers in the 1950's

Ever wonder what Whitbread were brewing in Chiswell Street during the 1950's? No? I didn't really expect you would have. Now me, there's another story. I have. Often.

Wonder no longer. Here are (pretty much) all the details you need to know about Whitbread's Ales. (Not the Stouts, because they're in different brewing books. I've not got around to those yet.) It wasn't a particularly exciting range. Mild, Best Mild, Bitter, IPA and a couple of Brown Ales. With the exception of Double Brown (which was discontinued towards the end of the 1950's), all had gravities below 1040º.

Here's one of my lovely tables:

You'll be seeing more of these later. When I produce a 1959 Beer Style Guide.

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