Sunday, 15 November 2009

Löwenbräu and WW I

Time to return to war. WW I to be precise. And from a slightly different angle. A German perspective.

I'm a sucker for statistics. That's I was so delighted with my purchase of "Löwenbräu. Von den Anfängen des Münchner Brauwesen" by Wolfgang Behringer. It's full of number. I quite liked Behringer's history of Spaten, but the output figures were in line graphs. Which it's impossible to extract exact numbers from. No such problem with his Löwenbräu book.

Which numbers have I got for you? Those for Löwenbräu output around the time of WW I. Cool, eh?

I'll admit that they surprised me somewhat. The figures. Especially those for 1917/18 and 1918/19. I'm surprised they brewed anything at all in those years.

Take a look:

You guessed it. Still hard at work on my 1909 book. Got to rush.


Matt said...

The output of Löwenbräu in Munich during WWI set me thinking what the favourite beer of a certain Austrian corporal in that conflict might have been. According to, Holzkirchner Laurenzi Export Dunkel is the most likely answer.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that corporal Stamgast at Hofbräuhaus?

Ron Pattinson said...

I thought he was teetotal.

Tandleman said...

Certainly a fascinating link.