Monday, 30 November 2009

War - it's not too late

Did I mention my new book? I've got a new book. It's called "War!" I did mention it? I can't remember that. Must have been drunk. Or distracted.

Not to worry. If fear of repetition was a concern, I'd be counting my posts on the fingers of one foot.

My new book is called "War!" (I told you repetition wasn't a fear.) It's about war. No, wars. That first one and the other one. Very sad affairs. If only they'd held them Kurt Vonnegut style: backwards.

It would make a great christmas present, "War!" Unlike war, which would make a really crap present. Thank you Mr. Punkt for punctuation. I'd sound like a real Nazi without it.


First Stater said...

Ron, I am trying to digest War. An amazing bit of writing and very interesting stuff. I would love to see a comparison of the German brewing output and gravities, surely the Germans would not screw with beer as much as the British government did. And the profits made by the breweries shows that as it was then it is now. War is good business.

Ron Pattinson said...

First Stater, I thought there was a comparison on page 102.

I wish I could get more information and statistics on German beer during the two world wars.

In general, because of much greater shortages, German beer suffered more than British. By the end of both wars, German beer production was close to zero.