Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Who's the boss?

Phrases like "the global beer movement" "beer's golden age" have a weighted meaning. Are either true? (Notice that I haven't explained the origin of either expression.)

[My arm is very itchy. Dead itchy. I'm scratching so hard, it's turning red. Pink, really, at the moment. More application is necessary to achieve red.]

That new breweries are being established all over the shop can't be denied. I would have said incontrovertible. But that's too easy to spell. Ye can't fegging argue with it. No spelling is need in a dialect expression. Gearer - is that right? Is there a right?

Many things annoy me. Mr. Angry is me. Being corrected. I've never taken well to that. Being corrected when that was exactly what I intended . . . . that's red mist time . . .

You think you're immune? Think on. We're all tinder waiting for a spark. Are you nice and dry?

Question marks?
Don't you think my use of question marks is unrivalled in the blogging world? No? Who can you quote as a more frequent user of the interregational sentence ender? Eh? You? You? No f*cking way. No - are you right? You think you fecking can?

There's a stack going on. With beer. All over the shop.
Calling it a global movement doesn't do justice to the very local nature of much that has happened in furthering the case of quality beer.

Local and global transmogrification of the extant fabric of stylisticity

That's my beer mission statement. Oversimplified, incomprehensible and untrue. Perfect. Should I have explicitly mentioned beer?

Structure. I left it outside next to the shed . Do you reckon I should go and fetch it? I'd need to put on a pair of trousers. Midnight? It's not worth it. Leave it until tomorrow.


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Ron Pattinson said...

I thought that I'd made my point very succinctly and clearly: there is no global beer movement. On second thoughts, maybe that was learer and more succinct.