Monday, 7 January 2008

Two drinks

At least it gave my kids had a good laugh. The story about Wetherspoon's limiting adults accompanying children to just two alcoholic drinks. "You'd only be in pub five minutes, dad."

I've quite often taken the kids to a Wetherspoon. Usually the one in Lincoln. It's not particularly out of choice. Just one of the very limited options when you have children in tow. By the time we hit 'Spoons I've trailed around all the places the kids want to go - bakery, toy shop, firing range - I'm ready for a drink. Make that several drinks.

I start with a pint of the strongest cask beer on offer and accompany it with a double whisky. That takes the edge off the day. By the time the food turns up, I plan on being on my third round.

In Groningen on Saturday, I would have been in trouble after 12 minutes in the first pub. If it had been a Wetherspoons with an idiot manager. And in the second one, too. I had more of a thirst on by then. So after just 8 minutes. Yet my kids didn't run riot. Instead they gave me useful advice like: "Dad, no more than three jenevers." "Drink Dubbel not Tripel." Maybe having German passports makes my kids behave so responsibly. Being British myself, I act like a mindless twat.

What effect is all my abuse having on the kids? They hate our excursions so much they keep saying "Dad, can we go to the pub?" I can't be doing much wrong.


Anonymous said...

Is that the Wetherspoons on the High Street? Been past it but never dropped in.

When we make our annual visit for the football, we normally wander to the Golden Eagle (Tynemill) at the other end of the High Street.

They're happy with kids in there (the back room anyway) and have a fairly decent range.

The other one we frequent is the Treaty of Commerce - Batemans pub near the level crossing.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add that we'll be back in Amsterdam in June - staying on a boat on KNSM island again - so hopefully will get to go for some beers this time around...

Ron Pattinson said...

Yes. The one that used to be a cinema.

Interesting to learn about the Golden Eagle letting kids in. Most places not advertise the fact anywhere on the exterior. Walking into pubs and asking if they allow in kids isn't my idea of fun.

I quite like Tynemill pubs. Sadly, the one in Newark doesn't let kids in.

Just let me know a week or two before you come over and we can make an appointment.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the effect is what you're after rather than the taste, Ron. You made no mention of the type of whisky you had - maybe it wasn't even relevant to you? Take it easy, mate - and maybe live to enjoy the beer and the sprogs for longer (and entertain us with yer blog too)! Sorry to be so boorishly nanny-ish, but somebody had to say it :(

Anonymous said...

Just my experience in the Golden Eagle on matchdays when people have brought their kids into the back room - not sure about other times although they're supposed to have a decent beer garden (when the weather is clement of course)...