Sunday, 27 January 2008

My new bookcase

A momentous day
Today was an important day. Me and Andrew assembled my new bookcase. For the first time in five years there isn't a single book on the floor. That's a major achievement. Now I just have to find somewhere to put all the magazines.

"What's in your new bookshelf?" About 100 mixed books. By mixed, I mean in various languages and from various periods and locations. They're all beer-connected. That is my theme, after all. Do you want to take a look? I thought you would, nosy git.

The top shelf has my Brewers' Almanacks and Statistical Handbooks:

Shelf two has a couple of Scandinavian books and assorted books on British brewing, shelf three is mostly brewery histories.

Shelf four is German and Dutch/Belgian, shelf five has bound copies of old German technical brewing magazines:

Who said I would run out of ideas in six months?


Alan said...

This is getting to be a habit as I got a bookshelf yesterday, too. I put it together wrong but I am now considering the exposed bolts as "industrial" and therefore cutting edge.

Lexie Pattinson said...

I had the kids to help me. Alexei was very keen on the hammering work.

Alan said...

I was keen on the hammering, too, until half way through I realized it was all screwdriver work.