Sunday 21 April 2024

Thomas Usher hops in 1894

Moving on to the hops, the great majority are English. Other than one lot of British Columbian and one of Californian.

As for the English, almost all are either from Kent or Sussex. The former is no surprise, being, the UK’s biggest hop-growing region. Sussex, on the other hand, was a relatively minor player in the hop game. Worcester, which appears once, was another major hop county. Thus, not unusual.

It may seem odd that an expensive beer like the Export Stout contains only American hops. But it does make sense. An export beer would need lots of protection from hops. And US hops had a higher preservative value. Also, in a beer that was aged and had loads of roast, hop aroma wouldn’t have been a prominent flavour. 

Thomas Usher hops in 1894
Beer Style hop 1 hop 2
XX 60/- Mild Kent British Columbia
50/- Br Ale Kent Sussex
60/- Ale Kent Sussex
60/- Br Ale Kent Sussex
80/- Ale Kent Sussex
100/- Ale Kent Sussex
3 XX Stock Ale Kent  
IP IPA Worcester Kent
PA Pale Ale Kent Sussex
PA 60/- Pale Ale Kent Sussex
Stout Stout Kent Sussex
Stout Export Stout Californian  
Thomas Usher brewing record held at the Scottish Brewing Archives, document number TU/6/1/2.


Anonymous said...

Excuse my ignorance - is that illustration a coaster or a serving tray? I don't have a sense of scale.

Ron Pattinson said...


it's a tray.