Sunday, 12 June 2022

More bacon

Sunday, our planned breakfast location was Dawn’s Delight. We duly drove up outside, only to find it very closed. They only open six days a week.

Where were we going to have breakfast?

“What about that place we just drove past?” I asked.

“The Beano? It wasn’t very good last time I was there. Or it was expensive? There was some reason I wasn’t impressed.”

“Let’s at least have a look.”

There were quite a few diners. A good sign. We decided to give it a whirl.

None of the set options worked for me. But extras were just a quid. I went for a pretty basic option – bacon, egg and mushrooms – and added on black pudding, tomatoes and a second egg (I took the photo before the extra egg arrived). Pretty much exactly what I wanted. And under a tenner.

The eggs were slightly odd-looking again. But the yolks were nice and runny. Bit stingy with the tomato, but otherwise pretty good. Where did Mikey get his negative opinion from? OK, not quite as good as the Black Bull. Still, more than decent. Mikey was equally pleased with his choice. Weird as it was. No black pudding, for fuck’s sake.

There’s a slight Beano (the comic) theme going on. Not sure where that comes from, as the owners are Turkish. (As they are at the Black Bull, too.) They probably just inherited the name from the previous owners.

My last breakfast didn’t last long. I was quite hungry. A night on the lash leads to an aching need for a fried breakfast the nest morning. At least with me.

That hole filled, it was time to drop the car back at the hotel and walk to Spoons. It was already 10:30, after all. A raging thirst. That’s another result of a night on the lash. With me.

Heading for a train around 9 PM, we didn’t have a huge amount of time for breakfast on the last day. I’d ordered, well Mikey had ordered for me, a bacon baguette. I didn’t eat it immediately, as we had to head to the tunnel.

Where we hung around for ages, first getting our passports controlled, then waiting for a train. Eurotunnel must have been having some problems: we were loaded onto a carriage intended for lorries.

Lukewarm, at best. But still delicious. You can’t beat a bacon buttie.

Dawn's Delight
22 Cheriton High St,
CT19 4ET.

The Beano Cafe
Cheriton Rd,
CT19 4DX.

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