Thursday 23 June 2022

Buy my books!

A reader pointed out that some of the links to my many, many books were broken. The bastards at Lulu, sorry, the very nice people at Lulu, had changed the URLs of the pages. Don't remember them telling me that. Maybe I missed it.

I've no idea how long the links were broken. Or how many sales I've lost. Probably not that many, as no-one mentioned it until now.

I've fixed the links now. So order away. Buy my books!

Especially this classic. I think total sales are now almost in double figures after a recent surge ( one sale).



Anonymous said...

The ebook of Numbers! seems to be 49.99, which is more than the paperback. In most other cases the ebook is significantly less expensive than the paperback. Any reason why Numbers! is so pricey in ebook format?

Ron Pattinson said...


yes, that's true. Just chose to do that, no real reason.