Thursday 25 November 2021

Heineken Pils and Whitbread PA hopping rate across WW II

More WW II comparisons. This time looking at the hopping rates. Which gives a very different view from the gravity.

Despite being pretty much exactly the same strength, pre-war there was a big difference in the hopping of Heineken Pils and Whitbread PA. The rate of the latter being around 50% higher. But while the hopping was reduced at Whitbread, it was increased at Heineken.With the result that in the middle of the war the gap between the two narrowed to almost nothing.

Weirdest is the situation in early 1943, when Heineken suddenly started hopping far more heavily. Supply of hops doesn't seem to have been a problem for the Dutch during the war. With supplies from Germany being maintained. Unlike barley, there always seem to have been plenty of hops knocking around on the Continent.

Once the war was over, Heineken's hopping was a little bit higher than it had been in 1939. While Whitbread's was a little lower.

Heineken Pils and Whitbread PA hopping rate (lbs per quarter of malt) across WW II
  Dec 1939 Nov 1940 Jan 1941 Jul 1941 Sep 1941 Jun 1942 Jan 1943     Oct 1949
Heineken Pils 4.49 4.49 4.49 5.06 5.50 5.84 10.43     5.00
  Sep 1939 Nov 1940 Feb 1941 Jul 1941 Oct 1941 Jun 1942 Apr 1943 Feb 1944 Apr 1945 Oct 1949
Whitbread PA 7.33 7.14 6.54 5.62 5.62 6.03 6.03 6.13 6.03 6.36
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Heineken brewing records held at the Amsterdamse Stadsarchief, document numbers 834 - 1759, 834 - 1760 and 834 - 1761.

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