Sunday 24 October 2021

Back in the USA

You can probably guess why 2020 and 2021 were the first years in yonks when I didn't visit the USA.

Assuming the world doesn't turn to total shit again in the next few months, I'm planning my return to North America. In February 2022.

After a hellish February experience in Boston a few years back, all the cold bits of the US are definitely out. I'm happy to visit place that get a bit chilly. Definitely not the bollock-freezing parts. If you're from the US, you know which bits they are. Anywhere where the daytime temperature is above freezing works for me.

Here's my extremely vague plan. Fly into Atlanta and spend a couple of weeks in the US.After that, everything is up in the air. One of my priorities is ticking off more US states. As I'll be in the South, Tennessee and Florida are obvious candidates. But I'm up for other suggestions like Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.

If you have a brewery and fancy hosting a red faced old English bloke, get in touch. I can knock up a dead interesting old recipe for you to brew and I can weave one of my magical talks around it. All for a very reasonable fee.

I'm getting on a bit. Officially an oldie person since crossing the 65-year barrier. It may be your last chance to see me spout my nonsense. None of us lives forever.

Get in touch if you're interested. Especially if you fancy brewing a strong Mild or a Burton Ale.


Tim said...

Oregon does not get (overly) cold, Oregon does have loads of breweries, great food and bohemian culture built around beer. Within driving distance is Washington's Yakima Valley, where (upon last stat I can remember) grows ~46% of the world's hops. And while I don't want to gush over Northern California, they do have some decent breweries (Sierra, Russian River). San Francisco is 1.5hr plane away from Portland. Well, case made for the Pacific Northwest. I'd be happy to buy you a pint in one of our amazing breweries. This does mean an extra ~5 hours in the plane for you though. Cheers


Ron Pattinson said...


I'll be up your way for my second planned US trip in May.

kaiserhog said...

Ron: There is a brewery that brews an English Mild. It is in Siloam Springs Arkansas, it is called Ivory Bill Brewing after the Ivory Bill Woodpecker. Their English Mild is one of my favorites. They do not bottle or can, they sell it by the keg to bars and restaurants. In fact the whole brewing scene in the Ozarks (NW Arkansas and SW Missour) is one of the best kept secrets.

We are off the beaten path but we have a good airport in Bentonville.

Anonymous said...

Kaiserhog, there's a story I heard about Bentonville that made me chuckle. There was a lot of buzz about a new restaurant in the works called the Tuscan Trotter. But when the sign went up everyone realized it was actually the Tusk and Trotter.

(It actually looks like a pretty good restaurant, though.)

Jim said...

Ron: After talking with the owner and the brewer at our local brewery here in Fairfax VA (the City not the County), Chubby Squirrel Brewing, they said that they'd be delighted to have you, should you be interested in revisiting the Old Dominion's DC suburbs.

Unknown said...

I'm sure you've settled on your itinerary, but if you happen to come by Amarillo, a couple buddies of mine own a brewery called Pondaseta Brewing Company. Excellent beers all the way around.

Ron Pattinson said...


I'm afraid my itinerary is all settled - just Atlanta and Pompano.