Thursday, 12 August 2021

Wuppertal day one

It's been so long since I did this. Travel. And write a travel post. Pretty rusty at both. Bear with me.

When did I last leave Amsterdam? March 2020. Well, technically I did leave the city twice to go to my dentist in Amstelveen. But that's really just a suburb of Amsterdam.

Mikey's already packing the car when I arrive outside his place.

"You're late." Is how he welcomes me. "It's quarter past."

"14:12, according to my watch." We'd arranged to meet at ten past.

"It's slow."

"You nitpicking bastard."

We're on the road within a couple of minutes. And on the motorway in a few more. Two and a half hours should get us to Wuppertal, our destination. Not the most touristy spot, unless you're a train nerd. Which I am a little bit.

Not far out of Amsterdam we're engulfed my torrential rain. Dropping down our speed to 70 kph. Them 50 kph.

It gets worse. Accidents ahead slow us further. Then to a stop. Just as well we left early. By the time the road clears, we're an hour behind schedule.

At 18:00 we roll up to our hotel. And mask up to check in. Travelling has become so much more complicated. We had to register with the German authorities before setting off, giving proof that we've been double jabbed. The hotel wants to see that, too. I've brought multiple proofs with me. Can't be too careful.

Yeah! My room has a Schwebebahn view. It's a mere 20 metres away. I'm standing at the window waiting to snap a passing train, when Mikey knocks on the door. Just as I turn to open iy, one rumbles by.

"You spoilt my photo."

"You'll have plenty of more chances for that. I deserve a beer after all that driving."

So do I. On our trips to Folkestone I always used to have a few cans on the way to the channel tunnel. Which sometimes left me dying for a wee by the time we got to Calais. Wanting to avoid soiling myself, I've bravely foregone that pleasure today. I'm a bit gasping for a pint, too.

We walk into town. About 1 km. Just perfect for working up a real thirst.

I've done my usual thing and assembled a little pub guide. No point wasting valuable drinking time wandering around looking for a pub. Mikey's keen on dropping by the place with 10 euro schnitzels. That's fine by me, I love me a schnitzel. Especially ones that cheap.

We grab a table outside Wuppertaler Burgschänke. It's pretty busy. Mostly with pensioners, who are enthusiastically getting stuck into beer, food and schnapps. I fit right in, demographically. Mikey is one of the youngest here.


I realise why when I see the menu. They've a special pensioners section, with cheap smaller portions.

Mikey gets himself a Weissbier. I opt for a Schlosser Alt. Not the best Alt in the world, but OK.

"Fancy a shot?" Mikey asks.

"Is the bear a catholic?"

Two ouzos are soon on their way. And not much later two schnitzels. Very nice they are, too.

A couple of beers and a few ouzos later, it's time to move on. We're shocked when presented the bill.

"The robbing bastards. Just 4 half litres of beer, a dozen shots and two meals and they have the cheek to charge us 60 euros."

"We won't be coming back here."

Approaching our next destination, I worry they might be closing up. The only people on the terrace are a couple of waitresses having a fag. Fortunately, the inside of Wagner am Mäuerchen is very much open. 

It's rather lovely. An old-fashioned corner pub with rough pine topped tables. And 11 draught beers, according to the menu. I get myself a Kellerbier.

"I feel like dessert." Mikey tells me.

"I don't do sweet stuff. I do feel peckish still, mind. I wouldn't say no to a sausage."

Ordering Nürnberger, I end up with several . While Mikey gets an apfelstrudel.

"Fancy a shot?"

"I'm not unconscious or dead, am I?"

Maybe I shouldn't have gone for a second meal. Especially one with mashed spuds. Starting to feel a bit full. Don't think I can get another beer down.

"More shots?"

"Why not?"

I was hoping to drop by Lidl on the way back for some hotel schnapps. But it's getting a bit late. 

"There's bound to be a shop at the station." I tell Mikey.

Sure enough, there is. A decent-sized Rewe. I get my favourite impulse schnapps, Chantré. Mikey plumps for a bag of sweets. How can he still be hungry?

I doze off in a Chantré fuzz watching a Japanese series on Netflix.

Getting the hang of this travelling lark again.

Wuppertaler Burgschänke
Burgstraße 3,
42103 Wuppertal.

Wagner am Mäuerchen
Mäuerchen 4, 4
2103 Wuppertal,.



Athelstan Brewery said...

I missed the travel posts, so pleased their back and great to be reminded of Wuppertal!

arnie moodenbaugh said...

60 euros for 2 schnitzels, 12 schnapps, and 4 1/2 liter beers? At ten euros for each dinner, that's 40 euros for 16 drinks: 2.50 euros each. That sounds pretty good to me here in the USA.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the Covid shots are letting you get the other kind of shots. Good health and good travels.

Unknown said...

Missed your travelouges, Ron. Welcome back, Man.

John said...

Hooray for the return of travel posts!

Sokratees9 said...

I think Ron's sarcasm doesn't always come across in text!