Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Let's Brew Wednesday - 1956 Amstel Stout

You may have noticed that I’m on a bit of a Dutch kick at the moment. And why not? I do live in Holland, after all.

Some readers expressed surprise ay the mention of Dutch Stout It was a style with a long history in Holland, predating Lager brewing. Several large-scale Lager brewers produced a bottom-fermenting version. Among them was Amstel.

Compared to Heineken’s pre-war dark beers, the grist is pretty simple. Just pilsner malt, kleur mout and a bit of caramel. Though it’s not a million miles away from how provincial UK breweries brewed Stout. Except that they would have used pale rather than pilsner malt as base.

For a Dutch beer, it’s quite heavily hopped. Though it still only clocks in at 25 IBU.  I’m fairly certain that the hops were Hallertau. The brewing record isn’t all that clear. No idea which harvest year they were.

1956 Amstel Stout
pilsner malt 13.75 lb 94.53%
carafa III 0.67 lb 4.61%
caramel 2000 SRM 0.125 lb 0.86%
Hallertau 90 mins 0.75 oz
Hallertau 60 mins 0.75 oz
Hallertau 30 mins 0.75 oz
OG 1065
FG 1018
ABV 6.22
Apparent attenuation 72.31%
IBU 25
SRM 33
Mash double decoction  
Boil time 90 minutes
pitching temp 43º F
Yeast WLP830 German Lager



Kevin said...

Is this caramel malt or brewers caramel?

Anonymous said...

I love the "Super Stout" label and as an American it never fails to impress me how other countries are able to slip between languages so easily.

StuartP said...

Ah, a decoction-mashed stout. That will go on the 'must brew' list. Ta!

Ron Pattinson said...


it's brewer's caramel.

StuartP said...

Seeing the state of the washer on my hot-water tank, I was lucky to get through my last brew without a major leak. Once that is replaced, decoction-mashed stout will be my next brew.