Thursday, 20 May 2021

AK sugars after WW II

Still a few loose AK ends to tie up. Fascinating stuff like which sugars were used after WW II. Yes, it's another post that's just a table with a little of my bullshit around it. Exactly what you've been waiting for all your life.

Shepherd Neame is easy to deal with.  They didn't use sugar at all in their Pale Ales. That didn't take long, did it? There's nothing I can add to that.

Strong's example contains the most total sugar at 13.59%. That's only slightly above the 1952 average, which was 12.35%. Given that there were brewers, such as Guinness, which used no sugar at all, over 15% was probably typical for those brewers which did include sugar in their recipes.

The only sugar to appear multiple times is invert, shoeing up in two forms at Strong and in unspecified form at both Strong and Eldridge Pope.

Later Eldridge Pope preferred to use something called flowsweet in their beers. I've absolutely no idea what that was, other than some sort of proprietary sugar.

Wondering why the 1982 Eldridge Pope AK contained no sugar? Because it was parti-gyled with Goldie, Eldridge Pope's Barley Wine (a beer which seems to have served as a prototype for the more renowned Hardy Ale).

AK sugars after WW II
Date Year Brewer Beer no. 3 sugar invert candy glucose flowsweet total sugar
22nd Jan 1946 Shepherd Neame AK           0.00%
15th Jul 1947 Shepherd Neame AK           0.00%
19th Mar 1952 Strong SAK 1.94% 7.77% 3.88%     13.59%
3rd Jan 1964 Eldridge Pope BAK   9.40%       9.40%
6th Jan 1967 Eldridge Pope BAK   4.43%   3.69%   8.13%
17th May 1982 Eldridge Pope BAK           0.00%
27th Jun 1984 Eldridge Pope BAK         12.86% 12.86%
Strong brewing record, number 79A01-A3-3-27.
Eldridge Pope brewing record.
Shepherd Neame brewing record held at the brewery.

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ts said...

Having brewed the Hardy recipe as a home brewer, I was going to ask for the Goldie recipe. But you have the November 17, 2013 post to get me most of the way, thanks. I still have a few 8 year old bottles of the home brew and they taste great.