Friday, 7 May 2021

AK grists after WW II

We're nearly done. Just a couple more posts and that will be it for AK. At least for now.

I have been considering lumping all these posts and a few extra recipes into a book. Which I'd predictably call AK!. Would anyone be interested in that? It wouldn't be a huge book, probably only about 60 or 70 pages.

There's a surprisingly large number of malts represented: seven in all. Though no single beer contains more than four and most only a couple. Most is in the form of base malt, which isn't all pale malt, as you might expect.

Strong used a combination of PA malt, the best-quality pale malt and mild malt. The latter seeming to negate the former. Not sure why they'd go for that combination. The others all stick with trusty old pale malt, except for the 1967 iteration of Eldridge Pope, which includes a hefty amount of lager malt. 

Eldridge Pope's beer was the only one to use crystal malt. In the case of the 1982 version rather a lot, coming to almost 20% of the total grist.

AK grists after WW II
Date Year Brewer Beer pale malt PA malt mild malt black malt crystal malt lager malt
22nd Jan 1946 Shepherd Neame AK 84.87%     2.27%    
15th Jul 1947 Shepherd Neame AK 92.31%          
19th Mar 1952 Strong SAK   29.13% 55.34%      
3rd Jan 1964 Eldridge Pope BAK 76.49%       5.97%  
6th Jan 1967 Eldridge Pope BAK 49.86%       8.03% 19.39%
17th May 1982 Eldridge Pope BAK 74.19%       19.35%  
27th Jun 1984 Eldridge Pope BAK 70.00%       10.00%  
Strong brewing record, number 79A01-A3-3-27.
Eldridge Pope brewing record.
Shepherd Neame brewing record held at the brewery.

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Martyn Cornell said...

A book about AK? Put me down for. A copy ...

Daniel Boisvert said...

A light book on light beer? I'm in!

Michael N said...

AK!: the book. Yes please!