Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Obadiah Poundage launch

Continuing my dreams coming true series. next week I'll be drinking, sorry, presenting, my latest long-term collaboration.

You might not have realised that I'm producing a series of beers with Goose Island. Because six years in, and we're only just ready with beer number two. My grandkids will be in college by the time we hit double figures.

I don't care, The whole point has been brewing aged beers. Ones that require a little patience. Something I have little of in my normal life. But when it comes to beer . . . I'm more mellow.

Though when I finally get to taste that 1840s Porter, brewed from the right malt - even the right barley variety - then aged and blended the right way, excitement may get the better of me. As I think: you're such a jammy twat, Ronald. Then chug down a pint, obviously.

This is a little about the project. Please excuse my waffling and waving.

Come and share my joy.

Monday 29th April
Goose Island Tap Room,
1800 West Fulton St.,
Doors 6:30pm, event 7:00-9:00pm

I'll have books for sale at the event.

Bring cash. I'll need it to buy vodka to take back for the kids.


RHB2 said...

Congratulations on this collaboration, Ron! I think it's very exciting that Goose Island is doing a project like this. I hope you'll do many more of these with them. I wish I could get to Chicago to taste it.

Sokratees9 said...

Anyone know how widespread this beer will be? I'm off to NY next week, and would love to find a bottle or two of it somewhere.