Friday, 19 April 2019

A reminder for you bastards

To buy some of my books. So I can continue doing the amazingly time-consuming research that you love. Or maybe hate.

Whatever. I may decide I can't be fucked any more at some point. It's a shitload of work. And the return, in terms of euros per hour spent, is complete bollocks.

Show your appreciation in a proper capitalist way: with money.

Buy one or more of these books. If I sell enough, I may even give Alexei some money for his cover images. And get him that other shoe. I've only been able to afford one pair of shoes for the kids. Andrew gets the right one, Alexei the left.

 Buy this wonderful book.

To summarise the next book: seemingly the dullest of matt shades post-war period is way more fun than you might think. Or maybe that's just me bigging it up. Buy the effing thing and make up your own mind.

Now my contract limitations have expired, I can tart to my heart's content what  I like to call my expansion pack to The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer. Recipes? That's all it is. Loads  and loads of them. With North American and Lager recipes that Idropped from the original book for reasons of space.

My pride and joy. An award-winning book. The truth about Scottish beer and brewing. If I could find some bastard to publish it properly, I'm sure it would shake the world to its very foundations. Or at least joggle the odd noddle. 

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