Friday, 29 June 2018

New book coming along nicely

Austerity! my hillarious romp through postwar brewing, is coming along nicely. I should finish the recipes this weekend. Just tidying up the last bits and bobs.

There are some great recipes. 173 at the moment. Though that will increase a bit. I expect to finish just shy of 200 recipes. From 20 different breweriesAnd all new. Just about. There's one that appered in Let's Brew! Adnams Tally Ho! I only have one record of that for the period 1945 - 1965. Some recipes have appeared on the blog, but the majority haven't.

I've taken a slightly different approach to the recipes this time. I've grouped them by brewery rather than style. And mostly I've included recipes for all a brewery's beers. To give you an idea of what would be on sale in their pubs at any given date.

The plan is to have Austerity! released before the end of July.

While you're waiting for that, you could invest in one of my other excellent books. Also stuffed with recipes.

And the best book ever written about Scottish beer. Containing an insane number of recipes - around 370. 

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