Monday 23 January 2017

Random Dutch beers (part fifty one)

It's the weekend and I'm short a few blog posts. Must be time to sample some more random Dutch beers.

I had a great morning at Ton Overmars. I was able to buy three different beers made from my recipes: Rose AK, Lees Strong Ale and Whitbread X Ale. I just need to get a Stout brewed then there'll be an example of every style.

The first beer today is from Amsterdam's oldest brewery, 't Ij. They're a funny bunch, straddling the worlds of old and new microbrewery*. There older range of beers is very Belgian influenced, while their newer efforts are firmly in the craft camp. I'm trying one of the latter today.

't Ij Mosaic Pale Ale, 5.2% ABV
It's a lovely golden colour and heavily carbonated. I'll soon fix that. The aroma peach, mango and toilet cleaner. I remember that smell. And why I don't care much for beers brewed with mosaic hops. Don't really get the mosiac in the mouth. Just tobacco and a harsh bitterness.

"Do you want to try my beer, Andrew?"

"Er, OK."

Takes a sip. "It's OK, Bit of a watery aftertaste"

"Can I try some of your beer, Dad?"

"Of course, Alexei."

"Do you what it tastes like, Dad? It tastes like weed."*

"Modern hops often do. Did you that marijuana and hops are related?

"No, I didn't."

I booked my flights for my trip to Asheville this morning. I'm going for the beer week at the end of May. I'll be doing my talking thing. Not totally sure what about at this point. Only that it will include The Damned.

Next a beer from one of Holland's most esteemed new breweries.

[I couldn't remove the label nicely]
Brouwerij Kees Barrel Project #04/2016., 10.5% ABV (€4.95 for 33 cl. from Ton Overmars)
Black and treacly with a fine tan head. It looks great. Good enough to take home and introduce to Mum. It smells like treacle, too. Or is that just the power of suggestion. Best ask the kids.

"Do you want to try by beer, kids?"

"It's bitter. OK."

Andrew: "Mm. What's in that, Dad? It's something that normally isn't in beer."

"Do you like it?"

"It isn't really a beer I'd choose to drink."

There's diplomatic.

It tastes winey and burnt, to me. Like an overenthusiastically toasted wine gum. So viscous I feel it's staining my teeth as brown as a 60-a-day man's. I quite like it. Molten treacle, without burning the skin off your mouth.

* They've managed the same with their labels, keeping the original theme but crafting it up for the newer beers, Like this one.

** Why does Alexei know the smell of weed? He's lived in Amsterdam his whole life. He'd need terminal hayfever never to have smelled the stuff. 


The Beer Nut said...

I like the Delfts blauw label. Mosaic, tiles: ahahahaha. It's a lot classier than the nekkid lady one.

BeerFarm said...

The segue from hops relation to cannabis into your Asheville trip was seamless.

Ron Pattinson said...


I'm with you on the naked lady. I like all their other labels and they have some common themes. Except for the IPA one. Hopefully they'll see sense and change it. I quite like the beer.