Sunday, 27 September 2015

Schloßbrauerei Dessow beers

Another in my random, occasional series of DDR brewery beers.  This time, it’s Schloßbrauerei Dessow.

I never drank any of their beers, I must admit.  Dessow is a village about 35 km northwest of Berlin. A tiny place to have had a fairly substantial brewery. In the early 2000’s it was brewing around 200,000 hl a year. Sadly, owner Oettinger closed it down in 2007.

In their final days, the range was quite different from in DDR times, with only Pils and Bock surviving. As I’ve said before, Schwarzbier is much more widely brewed now than it used to be. Their old set was dead typical: Malzbier, Helles, Deutsches Pilsner, Pilsator and Bock.

Schloßbrauerei Dessow beers around 2001
Beer  Style ABV OG Plato  bitterness (EBU)
Märkisches Pils  Pils  4.90% 11.5º  30
Kyritzer Mord und Totschlag  Schwarzbier 5.30%   
Märkisches Export  Export 5.40% 12.3º 
Märkisches Urbräu  Spezial 5.60% 12º  24
Märkischer Bock  Bock 6.80% 16.3º  18
Can't remember.

That’s it. A short cheaty post.

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