Sunday, 25 January 2015

Trains and boats and planes

Planes, train and bus, really. And probably a few taxis. Walking, too, obviously.

My travel is all booked up for my Southern sojourn. Not done the hotels yet. I'll leave that stress fest to look forward to next weekend.

This is my itenerary:

Friday 10th April Houston
Saturday 11th April Houston
Sunday 12th April Birmingham
Monday 13th April Birmingham
Tuesday 14th April Atlanta
Wednesday 15th April Atlanta
Thursday 16th April Asheville
Friday 17th April Asheville
Saturday 18th April Houston

Asheville wasn't in my original plan. Which was based on practicality. But after a tempting invitation, practicality sought the window and left.

Several new states for me. Probably not including sober.

I always leave some time for social interaction. Or finding an excuse to drink in pubs, as Dolores claims. If you live in one of these towns, don't carry concealed weapons, like beer and want to buy me one, get in touch. We can meet up and I can drone on at you about beer history until your eyes bleed. Literally. It's happened before.

The whole point, obviously, is to shamelessly tart my shef durvre:

*The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer

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Brian C. Becker said...


Very wise of you to visit Asheville, although I'm still disappointed that you're not making time for Austin, Texas. As for not going to the Tampa Bay area... take my advice and bring your whole family to Florida for a long holiday!