Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Southeast tour in April

Sorry to pester you with this again. But I'm still trying to get my next US trip organised.

This is my outline schedule:

Friday 10th April Houston
Saturday 11th April Houston
Sunday 12th April Birmingham
Monday 13th April Birmingham
Tuesday 14th April Atlanta
Wednesday 15th April Atlanta
Thursday 16th April Tampa
Friday 17th April Tampa
Saturday 18th April Houston

It looks like I've got Birmingham sorted out, but I'm still looking to arrange events in Houston, Atlanta and Tampa. So if you're a brewer, homebrewer or pub owner in any of those cities, get in touch.

Obviously if you want to be entertained by my dazzling wit and hollow legs. But who doesn't?

The idea is, naturally, to flog more copies of my book:

The Home Brewer's Guide to Vintage Beer.

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hoosier buddy said...

We hope you will visit Baltimore soon! Members of Baltibrew were discussing your book at last night's meeting.