Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sponsorship anyone?

You know what would be great? If I could finally get on with researching full-time.

There's only one teeny-weeny problem. A little thing called cash. The money I currently earn isn't enough to feed and clothe me, let alone the rest of my family.

What I need is a sponsor. Or several sponsors. To pay me the equivalent of a salary so I can on with doing what I do best: researching and writing. I think my work is a service to the whole beer world. But if I'm to continue at my current level, I need support.

So if you feel like contributing, get in touch. Obviously I'd be be prepared to give something back in return.

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Dave Baker said...

Heaps of internet content producers go well with having a patreon page- it's essentially like an ongoing kickstarter. It won't make you a fortune, but it would at the very least supplement your income.

An example: