Sunday, 1 September 2013

Last chance

to buy my sort-of summery books at a discount of 20%*. I'm not totally sure when I'm going to call end of summer. Probably when I start wearing a coat again.

It's classy triumvirate of volumes. Starting off with the best account of Lager-brewing in Britain ever published**. From the early experiments of the 1840's, through to the Lager boom of the 1970's. Everything you could possibly want to know about Britain's most popular type of beer.

Buy Lager! at a discount of 20%!

Trips! (South) is the essential guide for anyone wanting to experience Lager in the wild. You'll be guided to the best pubs and best Lager South Germany has to offer. Bamberg, Forchheim, Munich, Regensburg, Bayreuth, Nuremberg and many more. You'll never put a foot wrong with this guidebook in your hand.

Buy Trips! (South) at a discount of 20%!

Ever wondered about how Lager eveolved? What was 19th-century Lager like? How many Lager styles are there? Many more than you think. If you believe there are fewer ten, you really need to buy this book.

Obviously, there's far more than you'll evver need to know about decoction mashing techniques. And, as a special bonus, details of many lost North German top-fermenting dtyles.

Buy Decoction at the 20% summer discount now!

* This offer lasts until the end of summer. Which is when I say it is. Definitely not before the end of August, obviously. And not as late as December. Somewhere between those two. When I say. (Unless I forget, which has happened before. In which case it might drag on past Christmas.) And limited to the Lulu paperback version of the three books mentioned in this post, namely Lager!, Decoction! and Trips! (South).

** It's the only book on the subject, so it's obviously the best.


BryanB said...

This is just for the printed versions, I take it?

Ron Pattinson said...


yes, just the printed version.