Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Book offer absolute last chance

The weather is definitely telling me that the season has changed from summer to autumn. But, being the generous type that I am, I'll be giving you until the weekend to dip your hands into your pockets.

If you can remember, the offere has a vague lagery theme. No surprise, then, that my tome on the history of British Lager is included. A slim volume, but one that packs a punch.

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Part two of the offer is my guide to the pubs of South Germany: Bamberg, Forchheim, Munich, Regensburg, Bayreuth, Nuremberg and Hull, among others. You'll never put a foot wrong with this guidebook in your hand. Unless you really expect it to be of help on Huumberside.

Buy Trips! (South) at a discount of 20%!

Decoction is a book of many parts. Too many, in all probability. There's stuff on the history of Lager styles, lots of technical details about decoction mashing, descriptions of extinct top-fermenting German styles and a few travel accounts from the heart of Lager.

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