Thursday, 14 June 2012


Watching the European Championship I've noticed something weird. The shorts are as long as when the players had waxed moustaches. How odd.

I remember the 1970 World Cup finals in Mexico. The majestic Brazilian side and players in shorts that were, er, short. More like hot pants.

Since then they've gradually lengthened. Until where they are now. I can barely see the knees of the Croation players.There's only one way the length can go now.

When will footballers be dressed like redneck women again? My guess is 24 years.


Craig said...

Ah, Catherine Bach... my personal favorite redneck woman.

Ed said...

She'll always be Daisy Duke to me.

Unknown said...

Football players wear pants. Are you talking about soccer players?

Martyn Cornell said...

No, Andrew, football players wear their pants UNDER their shorts. And soccer IS football. You appear to be talking about American football.

Tandleman said...

That's why I don't encourage Yankees on my blog. :-)