Saturday, 10 March 2012

America there I go again

Boston to be precise. Next week I'll be over there for a beer launch. The launch of two beers, very different from each other, but with the same name. Confusing?

After years of trying, I've finally persuaded someone, namely Pretty Things, into brewing a 1940's Mild. From Barclay Perkins, too. I feel such a winner. So it doesn't get lonely, sitting there on the bar all by itself, they're brewing another, older version. One from the 1830's. Though they bear the same name, the two have little in common. Other than both being beer, of course. Colour, strength, ingredients, brewing techniques. All very different.

There is a reason behind releasing them together. It's my idea, actually. The original concept, when I started trying to persuade brewers to make old recipes, was always to release pairs of beers. Contextualisation is the name of the game (and I want to play the game with you - junk telly, does it ever leave our heads?). By either having a pair of related beers from the same year, or the same beer from different years, they're given added depth.

That's why De Molen first brewed a brace of Whitbread beers. Porter and Stout from 1914. The object was simple: demonstrate the relationship between Porter and Stout in Edwardian London. It certainly worked for me.

Pretty Things release X Ale and X Ale next week Wednesday (14th March). The launch (16:00 - 20:00) will be in

The Publick House
1648 Beacon St.
Brookline, MA 02445

If it's anything like earlier launches, it will be loads of fun. I'll be dressing up in line with the 1945 theme. The beer is from February 1945, so my Stalin costume is totally appropriate. I've been practising the icy glare to get the characterisation spot on. The moustache is already grown (certainly good for attracting attention on the tram!).

Come down and say "I never thought I'd ever buy Stalin a beer" as you push a glass into my hand. Though drinking it would be out of character, Stalin being a vodka man. Damn..

You can discover more about the beers and the launch over at Pretty Things.


Pivní Filosof said...

So, which of them is not true to style?

Sud Savant said...

I am unfortunately in the middle of the U.S. and not the east coast, and therefore unable to attend. This idea makes me wish I could. Very cool! A little bit of beer history + compare and contrast? Sounds like a good afternoon to me. Safe travels!

Ron Pattinson said...

Pivni, er, both. No, to be true, the 1945 one is close.

Ed said...

I raise my glass to you!

Magnus Bark said...

How I wish I could get my hands on those.

I have tried to convince a few Swedish breweries to brew Mild. But I just got the answer "No. Mild is gross."

Bikeraggie said...

So- Have these bother been featured in Lets Brew Wednesday? If not how about a double post comparing the two? Even if Kristen does not brew them I would like to see them side by side.

Ron Pattinson said...

Bikeraggie, neither have been featured yet. 1942 Barcaly Perkins XX is the closest.

Teklad(Tico)Pavisian said...

A good Mild, or any English style beer for that matter, is what we need to brew more often up here in Montreal(CA). I have had the good fortune of drinking pints of delicious beers with Dan and Martha on several occasions and they always spoke highly of you. I hope you can make it to Montreal one day and if you do,I wish to be involved in one of your projects. Please say hi to Dan and Martha for me and have fun.

Jose said...

Ron, the 1945 version is fantastic. I have the earlier as well, but I'm drinking them anachronistically out of order.

The 1945 X would be a great year round beer, I'm guessing brown malt was involved?