Wednesday, 6 July 2011

American London Lager in London

Dreams do come true. I don't want the dreams to stop.

Last time in the US, I had a brew day in Virginia. I won't say I brewed. Professionals were in control of all the technical bits. I threw in a few hops and shovelled out some malt.

Barclay Perkins Dark Lager was the beer brewed. British Lager; the brewery on Park Street. Two obsessions bundled into one laundry basket. While brewing, Jason Oliver, the brewer at Devil's Backbone joked about sending a firkin to the GBBF. A 1930's London Lager, brewed in the USA, cask-conditioned at the GBBF. What a great idea.

A dream, too. Sipping a Barclay Perkins beer in London. Looks like a dream that's coming true. Jason is going to send a firkin.

I've just one fear: that it'll all be gone before I get there. Did I mention that I'll be at the GBBF this year? No? I'll be at the GBBF this year. Thursday and Friday. Trying to flog some books on Tim Webb's stall. Drinking the odd beer, too, of course.

Come along and buy some books. You can buy some beer, too, if you want.


Martyn Cornell said...

I'd bring my Barclay Perkins lager glasses along, but they would almost certainly end up broken …

Rob Sterowski said...

When else are you going to use them for their intended contents? Isn't it worth the risk?

Martyn Cornell said...

They started out, when I saw them in a junk shop, as a set of four. The junk shop owner broke one getting them down off the shelf. One broke on the journey home. So - no!