Sunday, 23 January 2011

USA here I come (again, again)

Just booked up a family holiday. The first week of May we'll be in Washington again. Not the county Durham one. The place Obama hangs out. It's the capital of some country or other, I believe.

Just letting you know in case you have an overwhelming desire to buy me beer.


Gary Gillman said...

Ron, the Church Key in NW D.C. is one of the best beer bars in America.

It has 4 or 5 real ales (handpumps) usually on, all U.S.-source and very well-kept, plus a very large range of regular draft and bottled beers. Apart from any private visits you do, I wouldn't go anywhere else although Brickseller is always enjoyable - an all-bottled beer pub in the Georgetown district dating from the 1950's with a vaguely Germanic decor (as U.S. beer pubs used to have).

Church Key is handy to the White House and other sites in the NW quarter. It does not open until 4:00 p.m. and you walk upstairs to find it - downstairs is an associated restaurant.


Gary Gillman said...

Actually, I see on the current Church Key list that 4 out of the 5 cask real ales are imports!. Obviously it changes from time to time but it's a good bet there will be one or two good American ones on it at least, if not more (as when I was there).

The imports in general on the list are numerous but there are plenty of American and a couple of Canadian choices too, all very interesting.

Note too the ability to taste in 4 oz measures, which is an excellent idea and permits tasting things you might not usually order.


Tim said...

Ron, too bad you're not coming to Boston. I'd have some 1808 Porter for you.

Anonymous said...


I am a LOOOONG time reader of this site and your beer guide. I might need to drive the 90 miles from Richmond just to buy a drink for your long suffering family. Cheers!

Oblivious said...

I was in DC two weeks ago, Church Key was great and the 40z measure allows you to sample loads a beers.

Another great lace and one of my favourite is Pizzeria Paradiso - Dupont Circle, fantastic pizza family friendly and a really nice rage of beer with one on cask. Great staff too and I got a few free beers as i was return customer.

Brew pubs Capitol City Brewing Company, District Chophouse & Brewery/ Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc. Gordon Biersch Brewing Co. Are all down town and very near to the mall , museums and Macy's. All good beers I found.

R.F.D in Chinatown again very near to the mall , museums and appears to be family friendly . It has a massive rage of bottle beers and a good draft with some you don’t see elsewhere in DC, Like Cains Mild and 21st amendment brew free or Died IPA.

Steve Parkes said...

Brickskellar has changed name to Bier Baron

Gary Gillman said...

Interesting about the change of name of Brickseller. Such a storied place, I wonder what motivated the change?


Oblivious said...

"Such a storied place, I wonder what motivated the change?"

I think it was very badly managed place.

Gary Gillman said...

I always liked Brickeller but hadn't been there in some years: on my visit to D.C. last year, I found no reason to stray from Church Key. Capitol City Brewing is an excellent brewpub though, I know it from earlier visits.

I've now read up on it, and it appears Brickseller finally closed, and this new bar and restaurant is its successor, under a new ownership. It also specializes in beer, and is in the original location.

Everything has its run, and good wishes to the successor, Bier Baron.