Wednesday, 5 January 2011

OG from ABW and real FG

Anyone know the formula for calculating OG  (in Plato) from ABW and real FG (in Plato)?


Ed said...

It's a bit rough and ready but I make it that each fermented degree plato will give you 0.4128% ABW. So divide the ABW by 0.4128 and add the FG to get OG.

This is based on the assumption that degrees plato = gravity degrees X 4, and ABV = ABV X 0.8, and it's based on a 'f' factor of 0.129 suitable for an ABV of 3.3 to 4.6.

Gary Gillman said...

Maybe this?


Gary Gillman said...

Ron, here it is again in another form in case the link above didn't work.


Kristen England said...

Its definitely not that simple. Depending on the extract of the beer the OG's will definitely change. An OG can be much greater than on expects just simply looking at FG and ABV. Its a sliding scale and not direct.