Tuesday, 6 April 2010

War and Peace

No, not the doorstep written by Tolstoy. But a book. Well, two books. "War!" and "Peace!".

Andrew has suggested that I combine them into a single volume. Good idea, but I haven't written "And!" which would complete the trilogy. Andrew wasn't keen on my idea that he should write the middle volume. "I've got enough to do with my school work, dad." Yes, that and sucking your brain out with that iPod for five hours every evening. I didn't press the point.

In the meantime,  why not get your own personal copy of "Peace!"? "The best book ever written about beer between the two World Wars." At least that's what Andrew said, when I threatened to cut off his pocket money. He's such an obedient boy.

And, if just the idea of 1920's mashing techniques doesn't get something to stir in your trousers, it's also the only part of my meisterwerk BAML to have so far appeared in print.

Buy "Peace!" now!

And what better to help prop up "Peace!" on your bookshelf than companion volume "War!".

It contains all the gory details of how British beer was senselessly slaughtered in the name of war. Does that make sense? No? Not to worry. This is an advert. Few adverts make much sense.

"The best book ever written about beer in the two World Wars." At least that's what Lexie said: "Yes dad, it's the best book about beer in the Wars. Will you take my head out of the toilet now?". Aah children, aren't they cute?

Buy "War!" today.

And while I'm in advertisement mode, can I tempt  can I tempt you with "London!"?. The final book in my Mini Book Series is worth 50 euros of anyone's money, but costs less than half that. A bargain. If you're looking for a book about beer in Britain's capital. And don't mind my annoying prose style.

Fact-filled doesn't do it justice. I had to use a hammer to fit them all in. Let's just hope none of them got bent in the process.  I wouldn't want to lumber you with shoddy facts. Amaze your friends with details of the gravity of 1950's London Mild. Shock them with the story of Porter's decline, retold in numbers. Yes, it has something for everyone*.

Buy "London!" now.

* Everyone hopelessly obsessed with beer details.

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