Thursday, 29 April 2010

Number of breweries by Austrian region 1865 and 2004

Yes, I've got sidetracked again,. It's supposed to be German month and I keep writing about Austrian beer. Well, they are next door to each other. And they speak the same language.

Just some random statistics. About the number of breweries in the different regions of Austria across the last 150 years. Just the sort of junk that fascinates me. Unlike everyone else.

Number of breweries in Austria by region
1865 2004
region No.  % No.  %
Kärnten 203 21.1% 7 4.9%
Oberösterreich 286 29.8% 36 25.0%
Salzburg 76 7.9% 16 11.1%
Steiermark 125 13.0% 27 18.8%
Tirol and Vorarlberg 143 14.9% 20 13.9%
Wien/Niederösterreich 127 13.2% 35 24.3%
Burgenland 3 2.1%
Austria 960 100% 144 100%
Verband der Brauereien Österreichs
“Bericht über der Welt_Ausstellung zu Paris im Jahre 1867, volume 7”, 1868, page 125.

One remark. The Tirol of today is considerably smaller than that of 1865. Because a big chunk - South Tirol - was given to Italy after WW I. Most of the other regions, or Bundesländer, are, to the best of my knowledge, pretty much unchanged. Except Burgenmland. I think that was part of somewhere else in the 19th century.

Not much has changed over the years, when it comes to the most popular locations for breweries. Except Kärnten has become much less popular. And Niederösterreich more popular.

Razor-sharp analysis there. I've nothing more to add.

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