Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Light relief

You're doubtless longing for some light relief amongst this relentless technical detail. Don't despair. It may be in sight.

This weekend one of my favourite beer festivals takes place: Hasselt. Me and Mike usually go, despite it being a bit of a trek to go there and back in a day. Especially if you miss the connection in Antwerp. The service from Antwerp to Hasselt only runs once an hour.

Now they've found a more central location for the festival, Mike's been assuring me that squeezing in a visit to the jenever museum will be no problem. Except, maybe, for my liver. I don't think I'll mention that part of the plan to Dolores. She'll only worry.

Fortunately she doesn't often read this blog. Only at gunpoint. That's why I was so surprised to catch her reading Stonch's blog the other day. "I thought you weren't interested in beer." "I'm not. But his blog is funny." At least she didn't tag "Not like yours." on the end. She didn't need to. I could see that's what she was thinking. Traitor.

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