Friday 28 October 2022

Tetley grists in 1888

Other than base pale and mild malt, there are only three other types, the black, brown and amber malt employed in the Porter and Stout. None of the beers contain any adjuncts and only two contain sugar. Leaving five of the seven beers all malt. Which was quite unusual.

The Porter and Stout grists are unusual in featuring three coloured malts, amber, brown and black. Most provincial breweries had simplified their Stout grists decades earlier to be just pale and black malt.

I’ve no real idea what the sugar was. It looks like “Inality” that it’s described as. Which means nothing to me at all.

The all-malt nature of Tetley’s beers wasn’t to last long, as we’ll see when we look at their beers in 1904.

Tetley grists in 1888
Beer Style pale malt black malt MA malt brown malt amber malt Inality?
X Mild  66.48%   22.16%     11.36%
X1 Mild  33.96%   56.60%     9.43%
X2 Mild  37.50%   62.50%      
X3 Mild  49.49%   50.51%      
K Pale Ale 50.00%   50.00%      
PA Pale Ale 100.00%          
P Porter 75.00% 8.33%   8.33% 8.33%  
S Stout 80.00% 6.67%   6.67% 6.67%  
Tetley brewing record held at the West Yorkshire Archives, document number WYL756/44/ACC1903.


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