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Rose hops in 1896

Like most brewers, Rose used multiple hops in all their beers. At least two types and often as many as four. The majority were English, backed up with some German and American types.

Those English hops mostly came from either Worcester or Kent. Not much of a surprise there, as they were the two largest hop growing regions in the UK. Sussex, on the other hand, was a minor hop region. It’s interesting that hops from there show up so often in Rose’s beers.

The foreign hops came from two countries: the USA and Germany. Along with the UK, they were the largest producers of hops in the world. But UK brewers’ opinions of them were very different. German hops, along with those from Bohemia, were the only foreign hops considered to have as good a flavour as the best English examples.

In contrast, American hops were liked because of their high alpha acid content and low price. Their flavour, however, wasn’t liked. Hence their use mostly at the start of the boil. 

Rose hops in 1896
Beer Style hop 1 hop 2 hop 3 hop 4
M Mild Sussex 1894 Worcs 1895    
X Mild Sussex 1894 Worcs 1894 Bavarian 1894  Kent 1895
XX Mild Kent 1894 Sussex 1894 Worcs 1894 Bavarian 1895
XXX Mild Sussex 1894 Worcs 1894 Bavarian 1894 Kent 1895
XXXX Mild Kent 1896 California 1894 Worcs 1895  
B Pale Ale Kent 1894 Hallertau 1895 Worcs 1895  
AK Pale Ale Kent 1894 Hallertau 1894 Worcs 1894 Kent 1895
IPA IPA California 1894 English 1896 English 1896 English 18987
PA Pale Ale Kent 1894 Hallertau 1894 Worcs 1894 Kent 1895
Stout Stout Sussex 1894 California 1893 Worcs 1895  
Rose brewing record held at the North Yorkshire County Record Office, catalogue number ZDI.

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