Sunday 2 October 2022

Rose malts and adjuncts in 1896

Given the large number of ingredients kicking around in their beers, it may come as a surprise that Rose’s beers average over 90% malt. Most of it base malt.

Of which there were two: pale malt and high-dried malt. The latter, as you might have guessed from the name, was kilned at a higher temperature than pale malt and was darker in colour. It appears exclusively in the X Ales.

A few different types of pale malt pop up. Made from either English or “foreign” barley. All malted in the UK, of course. Foreign could be just about anywhere in the world. Barley grows all over the place.

You should know by now that most brewers only blessed their Porters and Stouts with coloured malts. Lesser beers having to make do with sugar for colour. Rose have given another type of beer the privilege of some dark malt. It’s crystal, so more darkish. Still not pale.

You’d expect, there’s black malt in the Stout, and there is. Along with a dash of crystal. I suppose to add body. Which I guess is why it’s there in the XXXX, too.

Flaked maize was the adjunct of choice. Except for Pale Ales. Sometimes. Where flaked rice was preferred. The percentage is quite low, averaging around 7%. Double that amount wasn’t uncommon.

On the face of it, it may seem odd that the two adjunct-free beers were both Mild Ales with fairly modest gravities. They could have been worried that an adjunct would thin out the body too much. 

Rose malts and adjuncts in 1896
Beer Style pale malt high dried malt black malt crystal malt flaked maize flaked rice total malt total adjuncts
M Mild 91.99%           91.99% 0.00%
X Mild 56.43% 26.05%     8.68%   91.16% 8.68%
XX Mild 74.83% 14.97%         89.80% 0.00%
XXX Mild 65.38% 20.65%     6.88%   92.91% 6.88%
XXXX Mild 80.03%     3.48% 6.96%   90.47% 6.96%
B Pale Ale 84.38%         9.38% 93.75% 9.38%
AK Pale Ale 82.58%         5.82% 88.41% 5.82%
IPA IPA 86.84%       7.89%   94.74% 7.89%
PA Pale Ale 84.27%       6.74%   91.01% 6.74%
Stout Stout 69.66%   5.54% 6.33% 6.33%   87.86% 6.33%
Rose brewing record held at the North Yorkshire County Record Office, catalogue number ZDI.


Anonymous said...

Dumb question, but did M stand for Mild?

If so, why did they break from the X nomenclature?

Ron Pattinson said...


yes. How could they have given it an X designation as they already had an X