Friday 1 July 2022

Duttson's Brewing Materials

The Duttson name turns up quite a bit in brewing records. As does CDM. They must have had a large number of customers for their brewing sugars.

I came across an advert of theirs a while ago. I'm only just realising how useful some of the information is.

Is a brilliant Syrup containing 84 per cent. (calculated on the dry matter) of Dextrin and Maltose, which exist as an unfermentable combination; consequently it will be found very useful for increasing the Dextrin in Beers, giving them fulness and adding to their stability.

MALTO-DEXTRIN may also be used as a Priming, the 12 per cent. of fermentable matter which it contains is gradually split up during Cask fermentation, creating persistent condition.

C.D.M. is FREE from the acrid flavour of Caramel, therefore can be used to advantage in the production of Porter and Stout.

It is not fermentable, consequently can be added to Wort prior to fermentation. of high tinctorial power (112 lb. being capable of imparting as much colouring power as a quarter of best Black Malt). When used in suitable proportions as a black malt adjunct produces a soft mellow Stout or Porter, unobtainable when Black Malt alone is employed.


C.D.M. can be profitably employed; compared with Black Malt it yields a large extract — i.e., 256 lb. (the Excise equivalent for a quarter of Malt) gives an extract of 74 BBEWERS’ lb.

It is sent out in casks of 1 cwt. and 2 cwt.
"Brewing and Malting Practically Considered", by Frank Thatcher, 1898, The Country Brewers' Gazette, page 161.

Malto-dextrin is unfermentable. Except for when it is. Having a relatively small amount of fermentasble amterial which is released slowly sounds perfect for secondary conditioning. Was it the enzymes in the dry hops that broke it down?

I wonder if CDM was unfermentable in the same way? 1 cwt. (112 lbs) having the same colouring power as a quarter (336 lbs) of black malt. Obviously, some black malt character was still required as CDM was suggested to be used in conjunction with it, rather than as a replacement.

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Anonymous said...

When they talk about priming with maltodextrose for "permanent condition" does that imply the casks weren't perfectly airtight and needed additional fermentation to keep CO2 being produced to replace what was leaking out?