Thursday 14 July 2022

1960 DDR label colour by beer type

This is such good fun. I'm going to drag dozens of posts out of these DDR standards. Especially as I now have the documents for malt and hops, too. I'll be busy with this stuff for ages. Unless I get distracted again.

As you're probably aware, I have a really soft spot for DDR beer labels. Not just on account of nostalgia. Though getting a whiff of that lost world is part of the appeal. It's also the stripped back practicality. Just the information you really need - like the price - none of the superfluous bullshit you find on modern packaging.

And the colour coding, which makes life in the shop so much simple. Want a Hell? Just look for a yellow label. Though it wasn't just in the DDR this went on. How many Pilsners have predominantly green packaging? Carlsberg, Heineken and Grolsch spring to mind immediately.

1960 DDR label colour by beer type
Type of beer Commercial name Label's Main colour
Einfachbier Jung- und Braunbier -
Dunkel brown
Schankbier Weissbier dark green
Vollbier Hell yellow
Dunkel white blue
Doppel-Caramelmalzbier blue
Malznährbier blue yellow
Köstritzer Schwarzbier blue red
Deutsches Pilsner pale green
Starkbier Weisser Bock or Bockbier Hell wine red
Dunkler Bock or Bockbier Dunkel
Deutsches Porter carmine red
1960 TGL7764 page 8.

Not sure why a couple of the weaker types have no colour specified. Or what the hell was going on with Vollbier Dunkel. I've labels in a variety of colours. But not one of them is "white blue"

Here are some example labels.


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