Tuesday 19 July 2022

1953 DDR malt specifications

Yes, we're still in the wonderful world of DDR standards. Looking at some more malt specifications. This time rather more technical stuff.

Most of it won't come as much of a surprise.  Like the extract of Farb-Malz being lower than for other types of malt.

Some details are implied rather than specified. For example, the malts with no saccharification time specified can't have had any diastatic power. While the longer time for Brüh malt and Munich malt implies that they had less diastatic power than Pilsner malt.

The malt standards documents from the 1950s are pretty brief: just two pages. The equivalent document from 1966 is twice as long and includes handy details such as diastatic power and protein content. As you've probably already guessed, we'll be looking at that later.

1953 DDR malt specifications
malt type water content % ±0.5 saccharification time minutes Extract % ±0.5
Wheat Malt  5 10 to 15 79
Kara-Münch 6 73
Farb-Malz 60
Brüh malt 20 to 30 76
Munich Malt 5 77
Pilsner malt 10 to 15 79
Vienna Malt 15 to 25
1953 TGL 6841:1 page 2.

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