Friday, 5 February 2021

A collection of Boddington Bitter recipes

To add even more background to my earlier post about Boddington Bitter, here's a selection of recipes from 1939 to 1987.

I'll be adding another to this set tomorrow.

Do let me know if I'm boring you with all this ridiculous detail about just one beer. It won't make me stop, though it might make you feel better. And that's what I'm all about: making my readers happy.


Russell Gibbon said...

(Russell Gibbon) Yes, I remember reading these when you first posted them, Ron. I want to have a crack at brewing the first 6 of them. It could take a while, that.

Anonymous said...

As an American I find the discussion of preceived decline in Boddington Bitter sort of funny, because for many years our options were: ice cold national brand of American Pilsner #1, ice cold national brand of American Pilsner #2, and ice cold Lite version of #1 and #2.

If you were lucky, you had an ice cold regional version of American Pilsner that tasted just like the national brands.

Michael+ said...

ME: I sure hope Ron has posted a recipe!
RON: Here are a bunch of recipes, sorry. I'll stop if you want.
ME: *sigh* We'll get over it.