Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Boddington Bitter hops 1945 - 1970

We're finally at the end of our look at Boddington Bitter in the quarter century immediately following WW II.

In a way, it's dead dull. Nothing other than English hops, mostly without any variety or even region of growth specified. And, in the later part of the time slice, without the harvest year, either.

When they could be arsed to mention the year, it was mostly reasonably recent. By that, I mean  from the most recent season or the one before that. Pretty typical of the practice at most breweries at the time.

There's probably some significance in the fact that the only varieties mentioned by time are quite recent ones - Brewer's Gold and Northern Brewer. Likely because they didn't consider mentioning the obvious varieties such as Fuggles or Goldings.

The lack of foreign hops isn't a surprise. In the period covers, the UK was about self-sufficient in hops, which hadn't been the case in the preceding 100 years.

Boddington Bitter hops 1945 - 1970
Date Year hop 1 hop 2 hop 3 dry hop 1 dry hop 2
9th Apr 1945 English 1943 Kent 1944   Kent 1944  
15th Apr 1946 English 1945 English 1945 3 lbs hopulon English 1945  
3rd Jan 1947 English 1945 English 1945 3 lbs hopulon Brewer's Gold 1945  
5th Apr 1948 English 1946 English 1947 3 lbs hopulon Brewers Gold 1946  
1st Apr 1949 English 1947 English 1947   English 1947  
6th Apr 1950 English 1948 English 1949 English 1949 Brewer's Gold 1949 English 1949
24th Dec 1951 Brewer's Gold 1949 English 1950 Brewer's Gold 1949 English 1950  
6th Jan 1966 English English English Northern Brewer English
9th Jan 1968 English English English    
20th Apr 1970 English English English    
Boddington brewing records held at Manchester Central Library, document numbers M693/405/129, M693/405/130 and M693/405/133.



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