Thursday, 26 November 2020

The Druid's Rest

 More wartime pubs. But this time not a crime scene. Not even a real pub, as it's play set in a pub. A .light comedy. Though it was notable for one thing.

 A New Comedy by Emlyn Williams
"The Druid's Rest" Centres Around a Small Public House in the Heart of Wales

Emlyn Williams has chosen a small village pub as the setting for his new comedy presented by H. M. Tennent and Emile Littler at St. Martin's Theatre. The time is summer, early in this century. The play centres around the national passion for music and a boy's too-vivid imagination. The play will he seen by our men in the Middle East soon. Mr. Williams is taking out a company and will himself appear as Job Edwards, the Landlord, the part played in London by Roddy Hughes

Kate: "From now till four weeks to-day you're not to open any story-books at all"
Kate Edwards (Gladys Henson), alarmed at the fertile imagination of her son Tommos (Brynmor Thomas) which is getting the family into serious trouble, locks away the boy's books

The Man : “My name is Smith. Have you a room?”
Tommos is greeted by a stranger (Michael Shepley), icho interrupts the boy's reading of the newspaper report of “The Brides in the Bath” case

Smith: "And what shall I have to tell Him I've got on my mind?"
Sarah Jane: "Four naked women"
Encouraged by Tommos, everyone believes their visitor to be the murderer Smith. Sarah Jane Jehovah (Nuna Davey) tries to save his soul 

Job: "Now, now, I don't like to see you upset, Kate fach"
Job Edwards (Roddy Hughes), landlord of The Druid's Rest, has one passion his choir. It leads him into trouble with his wife

Right An old Coronation mug identifies Smith the stranger, as Lord Ffynnon. Beside Kate on the settle is the Tramp (Neil Porter): on the right Zachuriah Policeman (Lyn Evans), and behind, the Edwards' elder son Clan (Richard Burton)
The Tatler - Wednesday 23 February 1944, page 9.

 I'm sure you spitted it. The play was Richard Burton's debut stage performance.I wonder what became of him later?

 I was surprised to discover that the play was performed in London as recently as 2009. sis anyone see it?


StuartP said...

It sounds quite entertaining TBH.

Anonymous said...

Richard Burton? He went on to star in Zulu, Mooch Goes to Hollywood, Exorcist 2, a guest appearance on the TV show Here's Lucy, and a guest appearance on the TV Show The Fall Guy with former Six Million Dollar Man star Lee Majors.