Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Let's Brew Wednesday - 1868 William Younger No. 4 Ale Export

When William Younger first introduced their numbered Ales, they went from No. 1, the strongest, to No. 4. The baby of the bunch didn’t last that long. A decade after this beer was brewed, it had disappeared.

A feature of some Younger beers of this period is the complete absence of local ingredients, other than water and yeast. The malt is simply listed as “foreign”, while the hops are described as “Bohemian” and “Saaz”.

No. 4 is very heavily hopped with good quality, low alpha hops. Something which can have a magical effect. There’s also extremely heavy dry hopping. All those factors taken together imply that this beer might well have been allowed to age for a while before sale. I’d go for 3 to 6 months. Not too long, as it doesn’t really have the gravity to spend years maturing.

1868 William Younger No. 4 Ale Export
pale malt 15.75 lb 100.00%
Saaz 90 min 3.00 oz
Saaz 60 min 3.50 oz
Saaz 20 min 3.00 oz
Saaz dry hops 2.50 oz
OG 1068
FG 1022
ABV 6.09
Apparent attenuation 67.65%
IBU 84
Mash at 154º F
Sparge at 185º F
Boil time 120 minutes
pitching temp 59º F
Yeast WLP028 Edinburgh Ale

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