Saturday, 14 November 2020

Let's Brew - 1941 William Younger Export

Stronger beers didn’t fare well in the war. And Younger’s Export was no exception. This example, brewed on 19th March, is the last sighting I have of it until after the end of the war. At least it did return after the war, unlike most English strong Pale Ales.

Somewhat surprisingly, the OG is only 3º lower than pre-war. Leaving it an impressive 5% ABV. Probably more than that by the time it was consumed, as 1013º is the cleansing gravity, not the racking gravity

It was brewed in somewhat of a transition period, when Younger replaced some of the grits with rice. I’m surprised that they still had any grits available. They must have built up a large stock before the war made them unobtainable.

Most of the hops were Kent from the 1939 harvest. But 26 lbs of the 130 lbs are described simply as “samples” from the 1940 harvest.

1941 William Younger Export
pale malt 8.00 lb 66.67%
flaked rice 2.00 lb 16.67%
grits 2.00 lb 16.67%
Fuggles 145 min 1.00 oz
Fuggles 30 min 1.00 oz
Goldings dry hops 0.25 oz
OG 1051
FG 1013
ABV 5.03
Apparent attenuation 74.51%
IBU 23
Mash at 153º F
Sparge at 160º F
Boil time 145 minutes
pitching temp 60º F
Yeast WLP028 Edinburgh Ale

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